“I am delighted I chose IHS to study Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching. The lecturers were all fantastic – knowledgable and motivational. They gave me confidence and encouragement to pursue my dream career. The practical element to the course was extremely helpful and I am using the resources in my new business, every day. The resources are great and the information and advice on setting up my own business is extremely beneficial. I have a concrete plan for my business, thanks to IHS. I have just started the Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate with IHS which I am very excited about and have no doubt that it will be as beneficial as my previous year.”

Karen O’Connor, Diploma in Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Graduate, 2017

“I’ve just finished the IHS Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching. I always knew I wanted to be involved in the health and wellness industry. I’m hugely passionate about nutrition and helping others see a balanced lifestyle is achievable. I’m so happy I chose to study with IHS. I have thoroughly enjoyed every single moment of the course and couldn’t fault a thing. From the lovely lecturers to the informed up to date scientific information we were given, it ticked all my boxes. I’m so excited to see what the future holds now and I can’t thank IHS enough for getting me started.”

Bernadette Doverman, Diploma in Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Graduate, 2017

“I always knew nutrition played a key role in overall health and wellbeing but it wasn’t until I saw a Ted Talk given by Dr Terry Wahls and Dr Mark Hyman that I truly realised how powerful a medicine food could actually be. After researching other courses in Ireland and after attending the open day for IHS I decided that their Nutritional Therapy program was the one for me. I loved the science based approach they were taking and how their courses tied in so well with the Functional Medicine approach to healthcare. After completing year one I was hooked. Moving onto year two to complete CI level 5 (UK) Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle: Evaluating their Role in the Development of Chronic Disease was exciting but daunting as I have never studied any science subjects before.

However, the course was structured in such a way that led you through the specific science you needed to know, right back to cellular level, in order to allow it all come together perfectly in the end. The aim of the course was to explore how the body works “in health” and then compare it to when we are “out of balance”. We explored the human body through a functional medicine lens and learned how, when one system is out of balance, it can impact much more that just one specific area of health.

Part 1 of the Nutritional Therapy Clinical Practice module was also tied in with the course. This gave the NLCD course a really practical approach and brought what we were learning to life. We looked in-depth at case studies of clients with specific imbalances and then learned how to map a client’s timeline and matrix to see possible triggers for the onset of symptoms. We then looked at the links between the Functional Medicine systems and other clinical imbalances. These exercises were always brought back to a review of what nutritional and lifestyle factors may have led to the onset of the clients symptoms which meant we would have a clear starting point on what changes to recommend in order to help the client meet their specific health goals.

The work load of the course was manageable so long as you kept on top of it. I work full time and have two small children so the continuous assessment approach worked well for me. This structure gave me discipline and working towards achieving monthly goals definitely kept me on track.

The lecturers in IHS are excellent and they are all extremely passionate about what they are teaching and this is apparent during our in class lecture weekends. They have all practiced Nutritional Therapy and they each one brings a wealth of personal knowledge that money can’t buy. This enthusiasm coupled with all the students desire to learn more, makes for extremely fulfilling lecture weekends. In fact, if you have a passion for nutrition, then this course does not feel like study at all.”

Wendy Riordan, Diploma in Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Graduate 2016, current Nutritional Therapy student 2017-19

“Over the last 4-5 years, I had been looking for a career change. My interest levels were in the areas of health and wellness. I considered a number of other complementary health therapies. When nutritional therapy presented, I knew it was the field for me. Now, to find the best school and course! That was two years ago. I researched and attended open days for a number of schools, but the school that stood out for me at the time was IHS. Suzanne presented at the Open Day (I attended two IHS open days during that summer!) and inspired me with her enthusiasm and vision for the college and the profession. On the second open day I attended, I met the lovely Edelle O’Doherty, herself a student at the time, who really enabled me to visualise the transition I could make. I love the Functional Medicine ethos of the school, believing it is the health model for now into the future.

I have completed my 2nd year with IHS, and can only say that I have absolutely loved every minute of it. The quality of the material and lecturers is excellent. The content is truly up-to-date with what is currently being discussed and researched in the medical science world. Both years have been hard work, with high expectations, from both the college and the students in terms of standards of content to be studied and assessment standards.

A great bonus is being able to officially practice as a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach after the 1st year. Suzanne’s closing words on the Open Day were “we aim to have you hit the ground running at the end of your 1st year”. And the college certainly prepared us for that. With that in mind, as part of 1st year, there was a very comprehensive business module, which I found excellent, and I began to develop my business throughout this year.

2nd year has been a deep dive into the science of the body systems and their imbalances, exciting and fascinating. It has really given me such a grounding that I am enabled to understand research documents I read, talks and conferences I go to. This has given me great confidence in my ability to help clients, as a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach currently, and as a Nutritional Therapist in the future.

I am really looking forward to 3rd year. I love the college weekends, getting totally immersed into the lectures with likeminded students and lecturers. When I look back 2 years, to my initial tentative steps to finding a new career, to where I am now i.e. ready to make the move, I can hardly believe it. IHS and its quality course has given me the confidence to make this major change in my life.

As a mother of four, and in full time work, I wondered seriously how I would manage add in serious study to an already busy life. But when you love something, you find a way. I have also had great support at home and have integrated my knowledge into my life and current work. I would highly recommend IHS as a college providing courses of a very high professional standard, with a caring professional group of lecturers, there to support you on your journey.”

Clare Coleman, B.Ed, Diploma in Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Graduate 2016, current Nutritional Therapy student 2017-19

“The IHS team does great work! The content of the Nutrition & Lifestyle course is amazing, I chose IHS carefully, calling all the similar programs in Ireland and in the USA to gather more information about their curriculums. I’m sure I’ve chosen the best. And I have to confess that I did not expect to learn so much in a year! The course goes deep into nutritional theories and lifestyle factors that influence health. We learn about body functions and ways to nourish not only the body but mind and spirit.  Additionally we gain access to material to dig deeper into the concept if we want to know more. Thank you all for opening the door to my new career. And big thanks to my tutors, my fellow students that added value to this course by engaging in the forums, all the staff, and everyone else that has contributed to making this course so productive.”

Marciéli da Silva, Diploma in Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Graduate, Brazil, 2017

“Dear Caroline,

I would like to add my thanks for all your support throughout the NLC Course. As others previously mentioned, the course was second to none, your input when needed on the forum and to the smooth running of the course was very much appreciated, resulting in a learning curve that went far beyond my expectations. Although the work was overwhelming by times, support was provided in a sensitive fashion that took into account personal circumstances and the attention to detail was very impressive and motivating.

I would like to thank Gwen, my personal tutor for the first 6 months of the course, always very responsive to questions on the forum and supplying extra information and possible answers to questions from other forums which was most helpful in allowing us draw our own conclusions. I learned a lot from her feedback and finally want to acknowledge her support when personal circumstances meant taking a break. It was very encouraging to have a smooth transition from one tutor to another and to be followed by Georgie who likewise was full of enthusiasm, responsive on the forum and very insightful in her feedback, provided great coaching as we went step by step through the coaching skills which were not always easy to get a grip on.

Finally I’d like to thank all the other students, for their insightful questions/discussions on the forum and from whom I learned a lot not to mention my buddy group.”

Maeve O’Driscoll, Diploma in Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Graduate, Switzerland, 2017

“Studying at IHS has been a wonderful experience. The course is content rich and I feel I have learnt a lot in a relatively short period of time, which is extraordinary. I appreciate IHS non-dogmatic method and encouragement for students to do their own research and base their recommendations on sound science. Studying online has been easy. The course is well organised in modules and the online platform is easy to navigate. The regular assignments help consolidate students’ learning. I now feel well-equipped to start my practice with confidence.”

Marisa Fernández, Diploma in Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Graduate, Spain, 2017

“I started looking for a Nutritionist course over a period of two months online that would form a basis or starting point to allow me entrance into University to do my degree in BSc. There are many good and bad nutrition courses offered online and I did not want to make a mistake by choosing the incorrect one and was fortunate to find and enrol in the Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching course with the Institute of Health Sciences. 

During the course, there has been unlimited support, interaction and feedback from our course leaders and personal tutors. I cannot get over how professionally this course has been run by the staff and how helpful and knowledgeable they all are. 

As this course has far outweighed my expectations I have decided to continue studying with The Institute of Health Sciences for an additional year to complete the next level Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching and hopefully go on to become a Clinical Nutritionist and specialise in Functional Medicine.

The design and outlay of the course and extra lectures and conferences offered to students by IHS to attend are of a very high standard. I had the pleasure of attending weekend lectures at Regents University in London held by IHS and found them to be very beneficial and got to meet really nice likeminded students, who we have the privilege of interacting with online during our studies via a forum on each section as we go along.

I was so lucky to have found this amazing course. Thank you!”

Jenny Lee Winchester, Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Student, UK, 2017

“I firmly believe Health and Wellness Coaching is the way of the future. I highly recommend the IHS H&W Coaching course to anyone who is passionate about learning to help people be the best they can be. I decided to sign up for it a year after the sudden death of my Mum. I was feeling a bit lost, and had always wanted to dip my toes into the health and wellness arena, but wasn’t sure where or how to begin. I found the experience challenging , rewarding , and stimulating. The curriculum and materials were excellent, and our online tutor Shane was a fantastic facilitator.

As coach/ally you learn to empower people to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing, which is both humbling and gratifying. You also go through your own personal Buddy coaching journey – which for me was life-changing. How often do we get the opportunity to reflect on our own lives like that in a supportive trusting environment?! I’m now on an exciting new path and in the middle of the IHS 1 year Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching”.

Luci Horwell, Certificate in Health & Wellness Coaching Graduate, 2016

“I commenced the NLC programme in London in October 2015. The course exceeded my expectations in many regards — the content of the course was interesting and engaging, and the caliber of the lecturers was tremendous. The assignments were well designed and excellent learning tools.

I was initially apprehensive in regards to my suitability and capability because I came from a business corporate background and was venturing into a totally new area. However, once I commenced the course this apprehension soon dissipated, primarily due to the fantastic support I received for the institute and how the course was structured and presented.

The journey through the course has been highly enjoyable, and I now feel confident in what I have learned in this course, I will be able to apply in the real world.”

Liz Holland, Diploma in Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Graduate, UK 2016

“This course is very detailed with a very good mixture of learning resources including video, audio, quizzes, group work with fellow students, practical sessions and using Nutritics with assignments which I enjoyed. Some topics really made me think about what is in the food we buy and the nutrients or potential toxins contained in some food. The course helped me to improve my own diet and lifestyle. The coaching aspect of the course was very interesting and will help me in a better way to assist clients to take responsibility to improve their health with knowledge and guidance. I thought overall tutor support was excellent. I feel confident after this year that I can now apply myself as a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach to enhance the health of my clients. Big thanks to the IHS Team to have such dedication to students providing a very high standard and wonderful course. Looking forward to the next level. Thank you.”

Britta Stewart Dolan, Diploma in Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Graduate, Ireland, 2016

“I found the Diploma in Diet, Health and Wellness Coaching to be an amazing course incorporating nutrition, counselling, coaching and stress management. I found the college to be extremely forward thinking and forerunners in compiling this course, and I congratulate them on their bravery. I felt that all of my lecturers were truly passionate in what they taught, and had enthusiasm for teaching, which made learning far easier for me, while they provided me with endless support through my studies. There was very positive energy on this course and I have met some wonderful people.
The course has been life changing for me personally and professionally. I use the nutrition and coaching in my home with my family, and I have changed career and now run a successful Health & Wellness consultancy in Sligo. I truly believe that the combination of nutrition and counselling is making the difference with my clients. There is a huge market for Health & Wellness as people are seeing the bigger picture, and health is not just about food, it is about behaviour also. If you are considering nutrition or health as a career path, I would certainly recommend this course, as it is invaluable for a successful Health & Wellness career, and I highly recommend The Institute of Health Sciences and their staff.”

Regina Diamond, IHS Diploma in Diet, Health & Wellness Coaching Graduate, 2015

“I have described to many people, including Suzanne in my interview for IHS, that finding the IHS website was like a eureka moment. I had previously looked into returning to college full time to study nutrition/dietetics but something just didn’t sit right with me. The IHS website and then the open evening just got me so excited, I knew this is where I needed to be. It has been THE most amazing 3½ years, I have learnt more than I could ever imagine and I have grown so much as a person. To be surrounded by lecturers and students all so passionate about the same thing as you is truly special and I already really miss my college weekends (although not the assignments so much!). I’m not sure how the college does it, but there is a lovely atmosphere during college weekends, lecturers are collaborative, always open to ideas and discussion and always, always, always, striving to improve their courses. The course is constantly evolving, taking into account new research, input from students and experience from students and lecturers alike. I couldn’t recommend the college enough; it’s changed my life. Thanks to all the staff at IHS you’re an amazing bunch!”

Georgie Kavanagh, IHS Nutritional Therapy Diploma Graduate 2015

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you and all your staff for the valuable skills and knowledge I acquired whilst studying Dietary Counselling with IHS. The course exceeded all of my expectations in every aspect and I now feel very prepared and equipped to work with clients on healthy eating and lifestyle programmes and in particular how to better understand their motivations and barriers. The lecturers were fantastic, very professional, knowledgable and approachable and the supporting staff were very efficient and helpful at all times.

I would like to say a very special word about Melissa. Her guidance and encouragement was extremely helpful to me when working on my assignments. Her positive and thorough feedback after each assignment and case study really enhanced my overall learning experience and contributed significantly to me fulfilling all my goals for the year.”

Geraldine Gavigan,  IHS Dietary Counselling (now called Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching) Graduate, 2014

“I’ve just finished the certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching with IHS. It is an amazing course….it has transformed my life and I’ve had amazing results with the clients I used for case studies. I also did a Stress Management module and that was fab. So….I’m really excited about using my new skills with the Nutritional Therapy as they all complement each other SO well. So for any of you looking for some extra skills to boost your practice….look up the course.”

Elaine Cammish, IHS Certificate in Health & Wellness Coaching Graduate 2014, IHS Nutritional Therapy Graduate 2012

“Studying with IHS was a great experience. The lecturers were very experienced and knowledgeable and the supporting staff were extremely helpful and accommodating. The course content was excellent, evidence-based and very relevant. I feel that I was very prepared to deal with clients after this course, both from a scientific/nutrition point and by understanding clients’ motivations and barriers. I feel that IHS holds the high standards that should be expected of Nutritional Therapists and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this Institute for anyone considering a career in nutrition.”

Ciara Wright, PhD, BSc, Dip NT IHS, Nutritional Therapy Diploma Graduate 2014

“I found the Diploma in Diet, Health & Wellness Coaching very rewarding and enjoyable. The best thing about the course was getting trained in different areas such as Health & Wellness Coaching, NLP, Stress Management and Entrepreneurship. This has expanded the number of areas in which I can work. It also made me jump out of my comfort zone, raised my self-esteem and confidence and I learned how to promote myself. I found the coaching skills I learned in Dietary Counselling very helpful and this raised my interest. However, the 2nd year of the diploma far exceeded my expectations in Health & Wellness Coaching as the course was very comprehensive and in-depth, covering many more areas in which I could use these particular and unique coaching skills. It was also an eye opener in terms of understanding the problems, obstacles and barriers a person may face when making diet and lifestyle changes and the various tools that are available to coach a person through these. I wouldn’t be able to see these from completing the first year only. I found all modules extremely beneficial in their own right and professionally conducted. I can use the skills I learned in this year in my dietary counselling consultations. I believe that we are all capable of achieving much more and we should all endeavour to succeed. This belief and possibility is what this course really provides.

Marion Kreis, IHS Diploma in Diet, Health & Wellness Coaching Graduate 2014

“After chatting to Suzanne at an open day, I knew I wanted to study at IHS and I’m so grateful to her and the rest of the team for the amazing support they gave me right through the course. It was really tough working full-time and studying intensively part-time but it was definitely worth it and I honestly can’t say enough about the college and all the staff, lecturers, training, material etc. IHS went above and beyond my expectations and I highly recommend them to anyone interested in nutrition/health. The course will always stand to me. It completely changed my outlook on food and health and I owe my healthier lifestyle to IHS and all the inspirational people I met along the way. Even if you’re undecided about a career in nutrition studying with IHS is worth the investment…your health is priceless! Even if I never have a career in nutrition, the course will always stand to me and I’m still incredibly grateful I chose IHS. It was definitely the best investment I ever made!”

Lia Harkin, IHS Graduate 2014

“I love the way the staff at IHS are constantly striving to improve and update the courses.  Just brilliant.”
Nutritional Therapy Diploma 2nd year student 2013

“I have been passionate about nutrition for many years. It was like a missing puzzle in my life until now. I would like to say ‘Thank you’ for the excellent training at IHS that helped me to complete the Nutritional Therapy Diploma. This course introduced useful knowledge about nutrition, physical activity, lifestyle and health. The course helped me to identify nutrition issues in patients and fully understand the relationship between nutrition status and disease. I gained a lot of knowledge and different experience on how to help others. All the staff were very nice and helpful. I was very satisfied with the course lecturers – they had experience in both the theory and practice. The training materials were informative, evidence based and easy to understand. I strongly recommend IHS for anyone who wishes to broaden their knowledge in the health sciences area.”
Marta Zelazowska, Nutritional Therapy Diploma Graduate 2013

“It was a big step for me to return to study at the age of 44, especially since I had a full time career as a computer programmer. But I had a passion for health and nutrition and decided that I wanted to learn more. I looked at several nutrition colleges but decided on IHS based on speaking to graduates and doing a 6 month short course with them before committing to the diploma. I certainly found it challenging, both from a logistics point of view (having to get accommodation in Dublin for the lecture weekends) and an academic point of view (going back to school after so long), but I got great help and support from all the staff at IHS. I did have to defer half way through 3rd year due to work commitments abroad, and getting back into it after a year out was really difficult, but again the IHS staff were very understanding and supportive every step of the way. I believe they foster a very good atmosphere which makes learning fun and that helps to ease some of the pressure. The online tutorials for support with assignments were particularly helpful, and the lecturers were always ready to pass on their knowledge and advice, both inside and outside the classroom. The quality of the training really came home to me during the clinical practice when I realised how much confidence it had engendered. Now that I have graduated, IHS are still there for help and support in setting up my nutrition business, and they are very active in supporting the NTOI, the national representative body for nutritional therapists. I would have no hesitation in giving them my highest recommendation.”
Billy Crosbie, Nutritional Therapy Diploma Graduate 2013

“This course is the “missing link” in treatment plans - it is possible to have all the knowledge and skills in the world, but if you don’t know how to support your client to make the changes, it is difficult to achieve the results.  I believe that the coaching skills will help to transform my practice as a herbalist.  Thanks for an excellent training!” “I am so impressed by how well organised the college is, and also how well you really do listen to your students”
Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching Graduate, Naturopath and Herbalist 2012

“The Health & Wellness Coaching Course is one of the best courses I have ever attended. The structure and format of the course was excellent. The course content and delivery was both inspiring and challenging. I believe this course has application at a personal level when seeking an improved quality of life for oneself and at a group level whereby the coach can facilitate and support improved health and wellness for the general population both in communities and organisations. Thank you for bringing this course to Ireland it is very exciting to be part of a paradigm shift in how we view health and wellness”
Anne Marie Frizzell, Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching Graduate 2012

“I wanted to thank you for the support your college has given me over the last while doing this course. Any staff I encountered along the way have been extremely helpful and professional in all ways. I would also like to mention that my tutor Caroline was extremely helpful and supportive throughout my course. The course itself was excellent and I felt like it was made for me. All course material was very well presented and easy to follow. Perfect for me, a first timer in e-learning.”
Michelle Alston, Dietary Coaching Graduate 2012

“I have enjoyed the Dietary Coaching programme very much. The curriculum has exceeded my expectations; it was interesting, challenging and rich in its content. The modules were well structured and scientifically detailed, which allowed me to gain greater knowledge and understanding in nutrition. I have received fantastic support from the IHS staff throughout the course, and they’ve been there for me until the last minute of my graduation”
Svetlana Sarantseva, Dietary Coaching Graduate 2012

“I am a qualified herbalist and holistic therapist, I began my training in 1996 and have continued to do courses almost every year since then. This course was excellent, and hugely helpful to me as a practitioner. The content had real depth and was very interesting, and it was by far the best organised course I have ever attended. I would highly recommend the Advanced Practitioners course, I believe that the Functional Medicine approach will be the way forward for complementary medicine.”
Margaret, Herbalist and Holistic Therapist, Advanced Practitioner Certificate, 2011

” I have really enjoyed my time studying with all of the team at IHS. The standard of lectures and tutors is excellent and everything we learned came from the medical literature so is scientifically sound which is so important when you are practicing. There has been a fantastic support network all through the years which meant a lot to me when the work load got heavy. Suzanne and Anneliese are so progressive in their approach to running the Institute and I had nothing but confidence in their ability to provide me with the best training and knowledge I could have received. I have made some friends and colleagues for life whilst studying with IHS which has made the whole experience very special. I truly loved my studies and even though I travelled for 4 hours round trip when it came to a lecture weekend, I really miss it now that I have graduated. I am now practicing in a busy doctors surgery and delighted with my chosen profession. It’s hard work to get a new venture off the ground but even though I have since graduated, there is a very giving support network and IHS are helping me along my new career path.”
Jemma Kehoe, Nutritional Therapy Diploma Graduate 2010

“I truly loved my time studying with IHS. I looked forward to every weekend with enthusiasm as I knew I would be discovering new and interesting information about health. I found the lecturers to be very informative and they all brought a different perspective on nutritional therapy and great insight into how they practice effectively. I loved meeting new people at college with a similar passion for helping people in a natural way. We also learnt so much from each other which was great. The support from the whole IHS team was outstanding – it was never any trouble to ring the office and I always received an excellent service. I am so delighted I studied with IHS and am now working as a nutritional therapist. I feel very confident with such a great platform behind me.”
Alison Kingston, Nutritional Therapy Diploma Graduate 2010

“The quality of the lectures from day one were of a very high standard which gave me great confidence in the course and that it would prepare me to practice as a nutritional therapist. The lecturers challenge you to draw your own conclusions rather than just learning material verbatim. The focus was always on how to apply this knowledge on a practical level and giving up to date referenced scientific studies to back everything up.”
Aoife Cronin, Nutritional Therapy Diploma Graduate 2010

“The passion, support and knowledge demonstrated by the tutors for this subject is infectious, you seem to learn by osmosis!”
Nutritional Therapy Diploma Graduate 2010

“I found this course tough but very interesting and it has changed my life and the lives of my family more than I ever imagined. I don’t regret doing this course and no matter what I choose to do with this knowledge I have it for life. I had no academic background, and to have done this course and completed it has given me such a sense of achievement. I love the fact that I can make decisions about my health with confidence.”
Nutritional Therapy Diploma Graduate 2010

“I always wanted a career in nutrition and alternative medicine. When I looked at different courses on offer I chose IHS because of the level of clinical practice training that they provided. For many other reasons, I am now so glad that I chose IHS. The level of student support was fantastic. Both directors, Suzanne and Anneliese were so accessible and always ready to help out with any queries or concerns. Regular tutorials, fantastic course material and access to some of the best lecturers in the industry made returning to study both manageable and fascinating. I am now a graduate and my career has really taken off! I definitely made the right choice.”
Nutritional Therapy Diploma Graduate 2010

“It is almost unbelievable that I have finally reached the end of 3rd year. Although the course has required hard work, it has been extremely worthwhile. During this year I have applied the knowledge gained during 1st and 2nd year and it has been an eye opener for me as I realized how much I have learnt over the last two years. The thought of having to take a clinic was daunting, however with the support of lecturers it was an enjoyable experience and has built my confidence in becoming a Nutritional Therapist. I would like to thank all who lectured me over the last three years – their level of knowledge and enthusiasm in imparting it has been superb and has made the course a pleasure to be involved in. Not only have I been academically enriched by the course but the relationships I have developed with my fellow students have been priceless and I would like to thank them for the support and encouragement they have been to me.”
Nutritional Therapy Diploma Graduate 2009

“I’d just like to say how happy I am to have started the nutrition course with IHS. I am so impressed with the support and professionalism of the course. The lectures were really excellent last weekend, the workbook was a great help, the location, having a director of studies, all these make the course so much easier. I also love the scientific element which will give us a great base. The newsletter was short and relevant – it’s so important to know about up and coming events and the piece on the qualities of garlic was just super. Keep it up!”
Nutritional Therapy Diploma Year 1  Student

“I have spent many years studying and have been a student in many schools and colleges and not just in Ireland. The IHS has one of the best student support services that I have experienced, and to a student who is studying something totally new and quite complex this is very reassuring. The level of knowledge of the lecturers is excellent, but just as important the lecturers are all first class teachers and can pass on their knowledge. The course material is extremely well laid out and everything on the syllabus was covered in detail. I can highly recommend IHS to anyone wishing to begin, or further a career in the health care industry.”
Naturopathic Nutrition Certificate Student (TCM Practitioner & Lecturer)

Suzanne Laurie is a fantastic lecturer and so enthusiastic about what she does, that instead of going home really tired after the weekend (as I thought I would be as had a hectic week at work!), I was buzzing with energy and even started my assignment! Really looking forward to the next module and after the weekend, definitely see that the area of naturopathy is where I will be taking my career. Thank you again for putting together such an excellent course.”
Naturopathic Nutrition Certificate Student

“I really liked the presentation of the material. It reads clearly & logically, piece of information building on piece of information beautifully. I get the impression from your prospectus, that you have put thought into making the subject learnable, and that comes across in the home study and the ‘test your knowledge questions’. The questions really open up the subject and make you curious about the reasons for things -makes you engage. There are no gaps in the information.”
Naturopathic Nutrition Certificate Student (Homeopath)

“Just thought I’d drop you a quick mail to say the first days of the course went really well, the lecturer is fantastic, he makes the lectures so interesting and there is no chance for lack of concentration! Thank you for your assistance and to date I am delighted with my decision to study with IHS.”
Medical Science Student  (Year 1) – Dublin

Letter to one of our Lecturers
“It was an immense privilege and a joy to be taught by you. With you teaching the day filled up to bursting point with fascinating, delightful knowledge. I loved every minute of it. Wishing you all the best and looking forward to the next module.”
Medical Science Student (Qualified Homeopath)